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The Fellowship for Intentional Community nurtures connections and cooperation among communitarians and their friends. We provide publications, referrals, support services, and sharing opportunities for a wide range of intentional communities, cohousing groups, ecovillages, community networks, support organizations, and people seeking a home in community.

Intentional Communities have for many centuries been places where idealists have come together to create a better world. Although there are thousands of intentional communities in existence today, and many others in the formative stages, most people are unaware of them or the roots from which they spring. The Fellowship is increasing public awareness of existing and newly forming communities. We offer information and referrals for those who are actively seeking, or simply curious about, alternate lifestyles for themselves and their families.

Communities come in all shapes and sizes, and share many similar challenges -- such as defining membership, succeeding financially, distributing resources, making decisions, raising children, dividing work equitably, and choosing a standard of living. Many wrestle with questions about right livelihood, spiritual expression, land use, and the role of service in our lives. At the same time, there is limited awareness of what others are doing to meet these challenges -- and much to gain through sharing information and experiences with others exploring similar paths. The Fellowship documents the visions and experiences of life in community, and actively promotes dialogue and cooperation among communities... Find Out More

Creating Ownership and Economic Opportunity

About Self-Help --- Self-Help is a community development lender, credit union, and real estate developer that works with individuals, organizations and communities traditionally underserved by conventional markets. The funds that support our work come from deposits, grants, and other investments made by individuals and institutions across the U.S. . . Find Out More

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Community Action Leader
of this Project:
(Founded A Non-Notable Martial Art - NTOKS September, 2003): 
General Darren L. Grant, Grand Master/Founder of NTOKS, 9th Dan Black Belt
Neighborhood Training Open Karate System (Zeal Troop Community Project)
Community Amateur Sports Camp
6614 Clayton Rd. #198
Richmond Heights, MO 63117


Property Management                        



Designed to be built by 2 people, with occasional help from 1 or 2 more, in around 2 days (Foundations, floors and roof can be constructed in a day to provide immediate shelter, with the plumbing, electrical, roof covering, and 'finishing' works completed on the second day), and for use under any climatic conditions, the DiRReP (Disaster Relief Re-locatable or Permanent Building) can accommodate up to 6 adults in relative comfort...Find Out MORE

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